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Bundle 22

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This bundle includes the following products: 

1 x Beauty Box  

1 x Palette Perfection 

1 x Lipstick Carousel 

1 x XL Silicone Heat Mat



 Our BEAUTY BOX features 8 thin drawers and beautiful crystal handles, allowing quick and easy access to all of your products. This unit is perfect for storing all of your lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, eyeliner, mascara and brow pencils. Also fantastic for showcasing and protecting all of your favourite statement necklaces and jewellery. 

 Overall Dimensions: Height = 28cm x Width = 24cm x Depth = 24cm 

Drawer Dimensions: 8 x (Height = 3cm x Width = 22cm x Depth = 23cm) 



Keep your palettes organised and in reach!

Our palette holder features 6 slots and comfortably stores 12 palettes of any size, it also features rubber feet on the bottom so you can easily store it on top of any beauty box. 

 Overall Dimensions: Height = 12cm x Width = 18cm x Depth = 27cm 

Insert dimensions:  6 x (4.5cm Deep) 



Our LIPSTICK CAROUSEL holds 48 of your favourite lipsticks. This unit spins 360 degrees making it quick and easy to locate that specific shade. Additional storage in the top section for any items you want to access easily.  

A great addition to any vanity! 

Overall Dimensions: Height = 22.5cm x Width = 14cm x Depth = 14cm 

Lipstick Inserts: 48 x (2.5cm x 2.5cm) 

Top Insert: Height = 3cm x Width = 13cm x Depth = 13cm



Our XL SILICONE HEAT MAT provides super high-heat protection for vanity tops, counter tops and any other surface. With styling tools like straighteners and curling wands reaching extremely high temperatures, it's crucial to protect your work areas from damage. The thick silicone forms a safe barrier between hot tools and work surfaces, protecting against temperatures up to 380 degrees Celsius. This mat is extremely easy to clean, effortlessly rolls up for storage or travel and comfortably fits up to 3 tools at one time. It is the perfect addition to any salon, bathroom or home styling area.

Material: Silicone

Colour: Black

Measurements: 29.5 cm x 39.5cm


* Please take note of measurements listed, as product images in bundle photos are not necessarily to scale. 

 *Makeup and jewellery not included 

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