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What To Do When You Dye Your Hair Too Dark!

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Have you ever had the heartbreaking moment when your new hair shade doesn't exactly meet your expectations? If you were expecting a natural chestnut shade but ended up with a deep midnight then don't dismay; there are a few at home remedies you can try. Although your new dark locks will eventually fade by themselves, if you're wanting to speed up the process then definitely give these methods a try. 

The simplest method is to wash your hair as soon as possible. If you hop into the shower as soon as you've dyed your hair, washing it out with hot water will help strip the colour easier. The sooner after your dye job the better. It's also recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo such as a dandruff removal shampoo. You know that saying "wash, rinse, repeat?" Yep, that saying is now your mantra. Repeat washing as much as humanly possibly to push the fading process along.

If you find that just washing your hair doesn't do too much, you could try a few other home cooked remedies. Baking soda is a great natural way to help remove colour. Start by making a paste with one part baking soda and one part water. Apply to your hair and massage in, leaving it for about fifteen minutes. Once you've rinsed it all out with warm water, make sure to condition generously. Try using a coconut oil mask as this will help keep your hair healthy and nourished. 

Still not light enough? Your best friend is the sun! Whilst not as effective or quick as the above methods, applying lemon juice to your hair and heading outside for some vitamin D will also help to lighten up those locks. The major component in this is the heat factor - the hotter the better. If you can't get under the sun then try some other heat source. Just make sure to be careful when using heat.

Have you tried the natural approach, but nothing is working? Failing the above methods, you could resort to trying an off the shelf colour remover. There are a few different options that are now available in supermarkets and most of them are pretty cost effective. Just a note: colour removers or lifters can be very harsh on your hair but are usually incredibly effective. This should always be considered a final resort because of how harsh it is and how dramatically it can change your shade. You may not always get your desired look, so be prepared to make changes if needed.

If all else fails, then your best bet is to seek professional advice. If you used a box colour, you can actually contact the company. There is usually a phone number included in the box that will connect you with a stylist who can give you specialised advice. Alternatively, you can contact your regular hair stylist who can give you tips and hints, or worst case scenario, set you up with an appointment to get your hair back to normal. 

Have you ever had a hair disaster before?

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