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Top Trends Of 2016 We Dont Want To See Go!

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Wow, 2016 has been an incredibly year for hairstyles. We saw the rise of glitter roots and mermaid hair, and we're really not ready to say goodbye!

1. The Undercut

Hair art has really taken off these past few years, but the undercut has really grown this year. Think shorter hair, an undercut with a unique line design shaved into it. It's the perfect clash of feminine and masculine and gives off the perfect "don't mess with me" vibe while still looking classy as hell. 


2. The Top Knot

Messy buns are so 2015. Tight top knots are all the rage now, and we're really keen for them to stick around. Not only does the top knot work for everyday situations, it's also a stunningly unique look for a special occasion. The top knot gives off an exotic queen vibe that suits any face type. 


3. The Choppy Lob

Who doesn't love the long bob? Almost everyone we love got a long bob - or lob - this year and we have been really digging it. There's nothing more gorgeous than the choppy lob, though. Think textured, windswept hair that looks effortlessly chic. 


4. Mermaid Hair

Coloured hair has really taken off in the past few years, but there's one trend that has really taken the cake. Think light blue, teal, purple or pink all mixed in for a gorgeous waterfall of pastel rainbow hair. 


5. Baby Bangs

Bangs are already gorgeous and timeless, but the shorter twist is even cuter. Baby bangs aren't for the faint-hearted but they are  incredibly eye catching. Think Betty Page pin-up glam for when you want to turn heads, let's hope the baby bangs follow us through to next year.


6. Glitter Roots

It may seem messy, difficult to wash out and completely unnecessary but we're not ready to say goodbye to glitter roots just yet. Nothing says free spirit more than the gorgeous glitter roots and it looks oh so good on the 'Gram, so if you haven't tried it yet, now is the time. It's also a pretty magical way to cover your regrowth.

7. Silver Locks

There was a huge rise of silver hairdos this year and we definitely aren't ready for that to be over. This ultra chic mystical shade is the best way to go grey! No matter the hairstyle, the silver grey suits just about everyone.


8. Wild Waves

Usually, those of us with crazy curly hair will try our best to contain them but this year our curls have broken free. Straight hair is out and naturally curly hair is in. Let those curls run wild, the bigger the better!

What trends would you like to see stick around?

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