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This Makeup Routine Will have You Looking Fab In Under 10 Minutes!

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If you're anything like us, you're hitting the snooze button a couple of times in the morning instead of getting up to do your entire makeup routine. But never fear, try these below tips and you'll have an amazing makeup look in just ten minutes - more time to snooze!

To give yourself a quick hit of glow, try mixing in a tiny bit of liquid highlighter with your foundation. This will give you a natural looking and sheer glow, and means that you don't have to apply a separate layer of highlighter. If you're looking for a sheer cover without the highlight, use a light moisturiser and mix in your foundation before application. 

If you find yourself getting a little oily throughout the day, ensure to apply just a small amount of setting powder. The less the better to keep your natural dewy look. 

Save time and skip the eye shadow - forget blending and give yourself a natural look with just eyeliner and mascara. Use dark liner on your top lash line and smudge with a brush to give yourself a natural look. This will give your lashes a fuller look - just make sure you're drawing the line as close to your lashline as possible. Just add mascara and voila - a stunning natural look. If you're looking to make your lashes pop a little more, make sure to curl your lashes with a warmed eyelash curler. 

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For a beautiful natural flushed look, make sure to apply a small amount of blush on your cheekbones. Applying a light rose colour will give a nice, soft finish. Make sure to use a light hand, as too much blush can make you look overdone. 

If you're not blessed with perfect skin, you will probably still want to use concealer. Instead of going in for full coverage, save time and only conceal the spots that need hiding. Pop on a few dots on the spots that need covering, and just a few dots beneath the eyes and blend it out. 

To finish off the look, make sure to pop some lip gloss on your lips for that naturally glossed look. If you can, use a plumping lip gloss to help give you a stronger pout. If you're in a pinch, you can even use vaseline or lip oil. This means you won't need to reapply a colour throughout the day or worse - forget your colour for touch ups at all. 

Once you've finished your ten-minute look, make sure you give your new face with a spritz of finishing spray. This will help keep your look in place all day to avoid any touch ups, and will also give you a gorgeous dewy finish. 

So to recap:

  • A quick hit of glow.
  • Skip The eye shadow.
  • Apply a small amount of blush.
  • Only conceal your problem areas.
  • Use a plumping Lip gloss.
  • Apply setting spray to keep your look locked in all day.

What are your quick go to ideas for getting out of the house in a hurry?


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