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Thinking of Dying Your Hair Grey? Read This!

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Your Nan is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of grey hair, but not anymore in 2016 we saw the grey /gray hair trend take the fashion world by storm.

Forget growing old gracefully, young women everywhere are embracing this hair trend and with Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Rhianna and Lady gaga all trying this colour, it is easy to see why it has been so popular!

There are a couple things to consider though before you take the plunge and go grey and they are:

Your hair Condition

Depending what your starting base is your hair is most likely going to have to be bleached. You want to make sure you are doing regular treatments in your hair leading up to the colour service and will need to maintain treatments after the service as well.

Will it suit you

We are firm believers that you can pull off almost any hair colour if you wear makeup with it. Grey hair can wash you out so be prepared to pop on some foundation, bronzer and lippy!


Do you want a silver, ash or grey tone? There are different tones of grey you can choose, take some photos with you when you see your stylist so you are both clear on what you want. Nothing worse than wanting a nice steel grey and coming out with an ash blue, yep we have seen it happen!


Going grey is not going to be cheap, depending on what your starting base is, if you have really dark hair don't expect to get it all completed in the one day. You may need more than one visit and take a good book as you will be in the salon for hours.

You will most likely need a take home toning shampoo and conditioner and also a protein treatment to help the hair regain some strength, so make sure you budget for this in advance.


Hair toners have a tendency to rinse out of hair quick, which means you will be making fortnightly visits to the salon to maintain it. You can however get colours that last longer, discuss this with your stylist. Make sure that your end tonner is left on more than 10 minutes anything less than this will rinse out easily.

The grey trend has cause a lot of controversy I think you either love or loathe it, regardless I think it is here to stay.

What do you think do you love or loathe this trend?

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