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Olaplex - What is it and should I be using it?

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Olaplex is all the rage right now, but what exactly is it? If you do a quick search, you'll see that Olaplex is taking over the internet. Celebrities, bloggers and hair stylists are going gaga over this new hair craze, but what is it all about? Olaplex is actually a hair treatment designed for damaged hair thanks to excessive use of bleach. Olaplex claims that the treatment will "reconnect broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair." Um, that sounds great but what does it actually mean? When you use bleach, your hair begins taking damage right away. The idea being Olaplex is to actually permanently repair that damage and start reconnecting broken bonds, which sounds pretty amazing to us.

 Olaplex is a complete game changer.Not only does it give your hair a thicker look, it also helps your hair look healthier and stronger. But does it actually work? If you consider all the celebrity and blogger endorsements, the short answer is yes. It does help give your hair more oomph and also protect it during the colouring process, but it's important to keep in mind that Olaplex is not a miracle product; you do still need to practice caution when using bleach. Whilst it does help in repairing your hair, it won't protect it from several bleaching sessions in one. Unfortunately, regular bleaching rules still apply!

So, should I be using Olaplex?

If you're planning on lightening or colouring your hair, then it's ideal to use Olaplex during your colouring treatment. It is a three-part treatment that works hand in hand with the colouring process. Ideally, the first two parts are done in the salon with your stylist during the colour process. The first part of the Olaplex is the Bond Multiplier which is applied directly with the bleach and usually used with foils. The second part is the Bond Perfector, which is to be left on the hair for at least twenty minutes after the bleach has been rinsed out. Lastly, is the Hair Perfector. This is an at-home treatment for continuous use. This is essentially the same as applying a hair mask, so it's nothing too drastic at all. The one and only Kim Kardashian suggests leaving it overnight for optimal protection. 

If you're looking to rejuvenate your hair and have beautiful, sleek locks for summer, then Olaplex is certainly something to consider. If you are going lighter, then chatting to your stylist about using Olaplex during your lightening process is a must. Whilst it may not be a complete miracle worker, it definitely changes the way we look at hair maintenance. Say goodbye to flyaways and stiff, strawlike hair after bleaching and say hello to baby soft, renewed hair.

Have you tried Olaplex yet?

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