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How To Pick The Right Shade Of Blonde For You!

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Anyone who has ever dyed their hair lighter will know that finding that gorgeous shade of blonde to suit you doesn't come easy, it's the endless pursuit of that perfect tone that can take a lot of time and money.

So how do you know what the right shade of blonde is for you? Well there are a few things to consider before going blonde, your eye and skin colour, the texture of your hair and even your lifestyle all play a part in what is going to suit you.

Determine the following first as this will help in the process of choosing the right shade to suit you:


This is pretty easy to determine just buy looking in the mirror at your eyes. If you have hazel, brown or dark eyes you will normally be warm toned. If you have green or blue you will most likely head towards being cool toned.


As a general rule those with cooler toned skin will suit cool tones of blonde, think pearl, ash and silver tones. Those with warmer tone skin will look best with warmer blondes, think gold's, bronde and honey tones.

But how do you determine whether your skin is cool or warm? A good tip is to turn your hand over and look at the veins on your wrist, if they are blue you generally are a cooler tone skin if they are more green then you are more warmer tone.

Hair Texture

There are some instances where even if you have the right skin tone and eye colour to suit a certain shade it still might not work well with your hair texture, for example if you have extremely fine hair then platinum blonde all over would only make your hair look thinner, you would be better off with multi dimensional blonde, think 3 different shades through your hair.


Your lifestyle plays a big part when choosing a blonde shade. Are you someone who goes to the hairdressers monthly, do you only go on special occasions? There would be no use going platinum blonde if you only went to a salon once a year < regrowth city!

If you don't frequent the salon often then multiple blonde shades closest to your natural colour, root stretches or ombre will work well.

Blonde hair can also cost more as you need toning shampoos, toners and generally hair treatments to keep your hair healthy as lighting products get used in the process of going blonde.

There are endless blonde tones to choose from, we have included some of 2016 most popular shades below.


Looks great on fair and tan skin, blue eyes also pop with beige tones.


Medium and dark skin wear this tone well, think golde bases with crystal clear blonde highlights, suits brown and blue eyes beautifully.

Strawberry & Rose Gold

These shades look great on tan and medium skin, green and blue eyes really pop with these colours.


Looks great on light, medium and dark skin, blue eyes really pop with this colour. This is a colour that does require a bit of makeup to pull off beautifully.

Silver, Grey & Ash

Fair and medium skin girls really wear this well, brown, and blue eyes also look great with this colour.


Looks great on medium and dark skin and suits hazel, blue and brown eyes.


Looks great on skin that tans easily and suits most eye colours.

If you still have trouble deciding on what tone is going to suit you the best, talk to your stylist, and make sure you have a thorough consultation.

If you are someone who wears a fair bit of makeup you could most likely pull off wearing multiple shades of blonde, as bronzers and foundation make a big difference on skin tone.

We think everyone should go blonde at least once in their lives, after all they for have more fun don't they?

Have you been blonde before?


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