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How To Know If A Fringe WIll Suit You!

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Fringes are an edgy look to pull off, and can look amazing when done right. But all too often, haircut regret is too real. Cutting your hair and styling a fringe can be a huge step, and it's hard to tell if it will suit you before you take the plunge. Read our tips on how to tell if a fringe will suit you before going in for the chop.

First things first - if you want a fringe then you need to be invested in it. Fringes can be hard work and require styling every single day to achieve the look you want. When you first get your fringe styled, it will take some time before you are comfortable with the way it looks. 

It's recommended you figure our your face shape which will help you decide if a fringe will suit you, and what kind of fringe would be most flattering for your face shape. 

If you have a round face, it's recommended you try out a gring - or grown-out-fringe. This is parted in the middle and floats either side of the face, which will help elongate your face. 

If you have a square face, a longer layered fringe will help accentuate your natural features.

If you have an oval face, you have the ideal shape for a thick fringe that sits just above your eyebrows. 

If you have a heart shaped face, your ideal fringe would be longer at the sides and shorter in the centre to help draw attention to y our eyes. 

If you have a triangle shaped face, thin and choppy bangs will suit you perfectly.

If you're still not ready to take the plunge, why not try a temporary solution? Wigs are a really popular choice as this will let you try out a complete new look. This will also let you try out new shades and styles altogether which might help you decide if a fringe will look better with a different colour. 

Another temporary alternative is the fake fringe. Kendell Jenner iconicised the fake fringe. If you're not familiar, it's a simple process using your own hair! Start by tying your hair up into a high ponytail. Take a small section of hair from the front of the ponytail, and pull it over onto your forehead like a fringe. After securing it with bobby pins, use dry shampoo to create texture and style as you please. You can leave the fringe choppy and edgy, or you can curl it for a more polished look. 

So before you head into the salon, try these ideas first to avoid haircut regret and decide whether or not a fringe is for you. 

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