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Feather Brow Tattooing What Is It And How Does It Work!

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There has been a huge trend in ladies undergoing a treatment called feather brow tattooing. Feather brow tattooing is the process of having your brows tattooed - yes, that does sound scary but it's actually a very innovative idea that's working wonders for brows across the country. If you're someone who is constantly filling in your brows, then feather brow tattooing may be for you. 

So what is feather brow tattooing? It's actually a very simple process. It does include getting your face tattooed, which is a very scary concept, but very different to getting a regular tattoo. The process generally involves using needles to hand draw tiny natural looking lines - think of it like you're filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil - except with no ink. Ink is used afterwards and absorbs gently into the lines drawn with the needle. This gives it a far more natural look and makes it almost dummy proof. 

Is feather brow tattooing right for you? Before jumping on the eyebrow tattoo bandwagon, it's important to remember that feather brow tattooing is not right for everyone. If you have incredibly sparce eyebrows you will have better luck with the tattoo process. If you're brows are naturally thick, you might want to reconsider your need for it. It's almost important to take into account your skin pigmentation. Not everyone's skin accepts tattoos, and sometimes they can fade or not look the way you were hoping. If you aren't 100% sure that feather brow tattooing is right for you, then it might be worth heading into a salon and having a chat with one of the specialists. They will be able to tell you exactly what to expect. 

But how much does it cost? Is it like a regular tattoo? A lot of larger beauty salons are beginning to offer feather brow tattooing, but if you're wanting a specialist then it's best to seek out a location dedicated to brow tattooing. A quick google search will tell you about locations close by and you can read personalised reviews. You can attend a regular tattoo parlor - they could have experience in such a tattoo or they could refer you to a specialist. Always ask to see previous work before committing to a tattoo artist! A good feather brow tattooist will charge a decent amount for this procedure. Don't expect something like this to be too cheap - remember that brow tattooing is an investment. A first visit can cost anywhere between $450 to $950 depending on the artist and how much work is involved. It's also important to keep in mind that upkeep will be involved. You will need to attend further sessions for touch ups a few weeks after, which can range anywhere between $200 - $500 a session. 

But most importantly - enjoy your new brows. They may take some getting used to, and remember that this is a permanent experience so if you're not sure, don't commit. If you're happy to go ahead with the process, then enjoy your investment. 

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