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Empire "Power & Lust" Cocktail!

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The show empire thrives on murder, power, and lust. With these three things in mind, we have collaborated ideas on a drink that showcases exactly what this show is about. From its sleek look to its smooth taste, this drink captures every bit of what the show Empire is truly about. We have named this drink "Power & Lust" and I am sure you can see why.

We used the liquor known as Hennessy, we have done a mix between the popular drink Ashes to Ashes (for its devious name) and Punch Royal (for its aim to kings and queens).


  •             1/4 cup Hennessy (you can also use cognac)
  •             1/4 cup Chandon Champagne
  •             1/8 cup simple syrup
  •             2 mint leaves
  •             Cherry for garnish (looks best on toothpick)


  1. Mix all ingredients except mint leaves and cherry. Stir until completely combined.
  2. Pour mixture over ice
  3. Place cherry on toothpick and place in cup (or let float)
  4. Place mint leaves on top as well as garnish

  Yields: 1 dangerously delicious drink

Now you can enjoy this intriguing drink that has well captured the feeling and auora of the show Empire. With dark and sweet bits, this drink captures the concepts of murder, power and lust, all in this one glass. It is sure to sweep you off of your feet.

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