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Contour Like A Pro With These 5 Easy Steps!

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The first time I tried to contour my face was right before a friend's wedding, yep I chose that exact time to experiment with face contouring, after all I thought I was going to come out looking like Kim K but OMG what a disaster it was. I had my lap top open on my beauty desk and was following along to the gorgeous girl in the You Tube tutorial who made the whole process look effortless, I on the other hand looked like a choc top gone wrong!

I have practised a lot more since then and happy to say that I have pretty much mastered, ok maybe not mastered but I def look more blended.

The art of contouring can literally change your whole appearance, it can make your skin look flawless, yep even the worst of skin can look glowing and it can even make you look slimmer, anything that can knock pounds off in my books is genius!

These are 5 tips that will help you contour like a pro:

Cream Or Powder

When starting out I defiantly recommend using powder, it is a lot easy to blend and you can build upon it as you go, cream is not as forgiving and you can start looking very fake fast.

Keep It Simple

You don't actually need a lot of colours to contour when starting out, having a full palette of colours can be daunting and lead to over use.

Using 2 colours in fine for staring out, you want a shade approx 2 shades lighter than your skin tone for highlighting and you want a shade 2 times darker than your skin tone for shading / contouring.


Look at your features that you want to highlight, as a general rule where you want to look smaller you will shade with darker and where you want to look brighter you will use lighter, if you have a big forehead then keep the lighter shade off it, if have a wide nose then contour the sides of it with darker powder.

When starting out only pick a few features contour, once you get more confident you can start experimenting more.

The most common places to contour darker are:

  • Jaw line
  • Under your cheekbones
  • Down the sides of your nose
  • Temples forehead

Best Place to highlight are:

  • Cupids bow
  • Tops of cheek bones
  • Bridge of nose
  • Top of your brows


Blend blend blend and then blend some more, you need to use a good blending tool, make up blenders are great, wet it a little to blend out rough lines and try to dab as opposed to brushing down on the skin.

Step back have a look at yourself from a distance and ask someone elses opinion if you can, it's very easy to overdo it.

Where to contour

It can be hard to know where to contour on your face, after all we all have different face shapes and what may work for one won't always work for the other. Thats where this genius app from Sephora comes in, with this app you can upload your picture and it will actually tell you where to contour in step by step sections, how brilliant is that? I wish I had know this before my friend's wedding, it would have saved me a lot of time and make up wipes ha!

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Do you have any contouring tips you would like to share?


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