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9 Gorgeous Home Office Spaces For Working At Home!

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Working from home can be hard if you don't have your own personal space. Having a gorgeous home office doesn't have to be expensive, with a little creativity and the right products you can create an awesome work space. here are 9 gorgeous office spaces we love!

1. Monochrome Home Office

Monochrome is one of the easiest home trends to follow. Not only is in season, which means all homeware stores will stock items to suit your theme, it's also timelessly gorgeous. The monochrome theme also lets you get as creative as you want.


2. Plants

Nothing makes a home office look more alive than actual living plants. The greenery helps keep a relaxing vibe, while also showing off unique and ever-changing accessories. Plants are also relatively cheap and are fun to take care of. 


3. Feminine

It can be so simple to add a bit of girly charm to your desk. Adding a few token mugs to double as pen holders, and swap out your regular desk products for a prettier version. You can easily find interesting keyboards and laptop skins online.


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4. Rustic 

If you're a fan of the old-world charm, then a rustic home office might be for you. You can cut corners by buying vinyl adhesive to cover your furniture or walls to give it a wooden look and by adding a few cosy additions like a throw blanket or a rug, you'll be at home in no time.

5. Personalise

A home office that looks beautiful on Instagram might be nice, but you also want it to feel comfortable. Personalising your home office with a mood board featuring friends and family can really brighten the space.


6. Shelf Space

Adding shelves are one of the easiest DIY things to do. It takes no time at all but really adds something different to the room. Expanding your shelf space means more decoration.


7. Inviting

Make your space inviting the others - or give yourself the perfect resting space - by adding some comfortable furniture. A nice plush couch is the perfect spot for relaxation between work. 


8. Colour Scheme

Sticking to a colour scheme can make your home office look incredibly stylish and put together. Plus it lets you enjoy your favourite colour, too.


9. Have fun with it

Try different themes and make it personal. Try changing it up depending on the season. Add pretty frames and flowers like these.

Do you have a gorgeous office set up you would like to share wit us?


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