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8 Tips For Taking A Gorgeous Selfie!

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Are you constantly scrolling through Instagram and feel yourself getting serious selfie envy? We know the feeling. If you'd like to know how to get gorgeous with your selfies, try these eight tips. Step up your selfie game now!

1. Lighting is your best friend. Make sure to always pay attention to the lighting around you and where your shadows land. Where possible, use natural light which will enhance your features and make your photos look the most realistic. If you do need to use artificial lighting, try to make the lighting as soft as possible by diffusing it with a peace of grease paper or a white sheet. 

2.  Be wary of your background. The last thing you want to do is upload an image with something unsavoury in the background. It's a mistake that's very embarrassing to make. If you choose a simple background, it will also help to keep your face in focus so that when viewed, eyes will be drawn to you!

3. Experiment with facial expressions. Before you even take your selfie, experiment in the mirror. You may hate your selfies because you're face doesn't look the way you thought it would. If you practice in the mirror beforehand, you'll find the perfect look. Practice makes perfect so keep trying until you get it. 

4. While you're at it, experiement with poses. Those Instagram shots with thousands of likes probably took hours to create. It's all about the right angle and if you're just a little bit off, the whole shot can look wrong. Remember to keep an eye on where your shoulders are and where your chin is.

5. Adjust where you're taking the photo from. Maybe hold the camera higher above your head to get a more flattering shot, or better yet - use a quality selfie stick. Yes they might be too embaressing to use in public, but they are certainly handy in the quest to finding the perfect selfie angle. 

6. Be yourself. Don't try a pose that you think will get you likes if it's not you. If you like to smile, then smile. Being yourself is more important than doing a duckface and will look more natural. The more confident you are in your selfie, the better it will look. Nobody likes a fake. 

7. Try some props. Some cute sunglasses or a hat can give you an instant chic look which will have your followers wondering if you're just chilling at home or if you're out somewhere fabulous. You could also try flowers or scarves to give yourself a soft and pretty look. 

8. Edit if you need to. While filters on selfies are so last year, minimal editing can be forgiven. If you think the photo might be a bit dark, it's okay to lighten it up and fix up the contrast to make it look more natural. If you do want to edit, try to stay away from face tuning or skin editing apps, as this will definitely make you look unnaturally perfect - which can be a huge turn off to your followers. 

We hope these tips will help you up your selfie game!

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