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8 Of The Best Filters Makeup Artists Use!

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Did you know that even makeup artists use filters on Instagram? Yep, even beauty gurus that you see show you how to create gorgeous looks, they use filters when posting photos. Its 100% okay to have a little editing in your photos, because at the end of the day, no one is perfect. I have put together a guide of the top 8 filters that you can use on your photos, and these are all used by beauty gurus! 


This is one of the most popular new apps for photo editing. It has filters for both warm and light photos, while HB1 and F2 are the most popular filters on VSCO, there are many more to chose from as well. These two filters are just some of the popular ones. 


This is another popular app that many women use to add a splash of color to their face when they have no makeup on. With this app, you can create a photo that looks like you have makeup on, even when you have none. While there are many filters here, they are mostly all the same, therefore I count this as one. 

After light

This is one of the most popular photo editing apps for Instagram. After light has over 70 different filters that you can add to your photos, including black and white, relic, raven, and hollow. These 4 filters are incredibly popular in the makeup community, as they help bring you flawless skin with a color that fits your style. 

Rookie Cam

Last but certainly not least, the app named Rookie Cam is a popular app to give filters such as the vintage effect. These filters are most popular because of their unique look and stylish effect. They feel warm and inviting which is exactly how many beauty gurus want their photos to look. 

While you may not be happy with your original photo, you will notice that there are many options for editing apps. Many can smooth your skin, warm your background, brighten your photo, and bring the colors to life. They say that your photos are twice as likely to be liked if a filter is added, because afterall, Instagram is all about the photos.

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