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8 Genius Ways To Store Your Makeup!

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Every struggled to find your favourite shade of lipstick when you have been in a rush to head out the door? Keeping your makeup organised could save you precious time in the mornings, and make it easy to find your favourite makeup items. These genius ways to store your makeup will have your bathroom looking neat and orgnaised in no time.

DIY makeup brush organiser

This makeup brush organiser from Irinas Cute Box made from a sushi mat picked up from a dollar store. Simply thread a piece of elastic through the sushi mat and you have a very easy homemade makeup brush roll.


Beauty Game

Beauty Game has a range of acrylic storage boxes that will organise your makeup in no time. You can even store your jewellery in them genius!

 DIY makeup palette

Empty makeup palettes can be bought from stores, ready to fill with your own random powders and shadows, but they aren’t exactly cheap considering they don’t include any makeup. This DIY version from Pretty Little Details cost next to nothing to make, and you can customise the style by using your favourite Sheet of pretty decorative paper.

DIY magnetic makeup board

This magnetic makeup board from Handmade in the Heartland  is the perfect way to store makeup when you are short on drawer space.

Hanging makeup organiser

Hanging shoe organisers are great for makeup storage, but if you prefer something a bit more DIY you could try making this hanging makeup organiser from A Girl and a Glue Gun All you need is a coat hanger, some fabric and some clear plastic.

DIY repurposed candle jar storage

This DIY makeup storage idea from Life Ann Style uses cleaned out old candle jars, which are glued and stacked together, to create space saving makeup storage.


DIY rolling vanity

This DIY rolling vanity from Polka Dot Chair is a great way to store makeup so that it can be transported to whichever place in the house is easiest to get ready each morning. The rolling vanity is created using the ever popular Ikea rolling cart, but any similar rolling cart will do.


 DIY painted mason jar containers

If you have mason jars sitting around, try painting them like these jars from Bubby and Beanand use them to store makeup brushes and eye pencils.


 Leather and copper cup organiser

These space saving leather and copper cup organisers from A Beautiful Mess will keep your makeup within arms reach, and look pretty on the wall at the same time. If some of your makeup is too short to poke out the top of the cups, such as lipsticks, fill the base of the cup with a little uncooked rice first.

How do you store your makeup?



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