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6 Important Hair Dying Tips Colourists Want You To Know!

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With the latest hair dying trends, it's becoming more tempting to dye your hair at home.At home hair dying can be hit and miss and can often end with an emergency trip to your colourist so before you jump right in with the bleach and boxed colour, make sure you read these seven hair dying tips that your colourist wants you to know.

1. If you've never coloured your hair before, try something subtle and semi-permanent. The last thing you want is to go from black to platinum blonde and realise you absolutely despise it. If you're new to hair dying, try a semi-permanent colour first. That way, if you feel the colour is not for you, it will be easier to change back. You could also try something subtle, such as highlights, to keep most of your regular look.

2. Unique colours are not always what they seem.

Scrolling through Instagram, you'll find hundreds of amazing unique hair colours and style. It's important to remember that a lot of those photos have been edited and altered with software and lighting, and such a colour is not always achievable. Even if you do get the perfect pastel pink shade, odds are it will need retouching every week and may fade or change depending on the environment. 

3. Lightening your hair can't happen overnight.

If you're coming from a dark shade and wanting to go lighter, remember that it can't happen overnight. Every time you use bleach to lighten your locks, your hair is taking a massive hit. It's important to lighten your hair gradually over time to avoid damage.

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4. Prepare your hair with a hair mask before colouring.

The best way to prep your tresses for a new colour is by applying a moisturising hair mask the day before. Leaving it in as long as possible with help nourish your hair, which will help your hair accept the new colour easier. 

5. Make sure you have all the correct tools. So you popped to the shops and grabbed a box colour. Now what? The box will usually come with the colour and a set of gloves, but there are some other important things to pick up before you start colouring. By applying Vaseline around your hairline, you won't stain your skin. Make sure you also have clips, a comb and a hair dye brush to make your life easier. Don't foget to get a timer so you don't leave the dye in too long!

6. Always do a strand test.

When you attend a salon, your colourist is the expert. But when you're colouring at home, you're in unknown territory. The best thing you can do is a strand test - dye a strand or two of your hair before colouring your entire head. This will give you an idea on what to expect, so if the shade is completely different you won't have to do any damage control. 

7. Follow the instructions.

This may seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised at how often this step is overlooked. The instructions written on the box are important for a reason. Make sure you follow them step by step, and if in doubt, call your regular stylist or the number on the box. If you remove the hair dye too soon or leave it on too long, then your results could be wildly different. 

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