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6 Gorgeous Henna Tattoos & A Guide To Do One!

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Henna tattoos have become  huge fashion accessories over the past couple of years, especially at music festivals. It can be hard to find a nice design so we have put together 6 that we think you will love!

1. White Henna

White Henna looks stunning and different. It's ideal for unique wedding looks or special occasions.

2. Simple & Small Henna

If you're not wanting to commit to anything huge, a small and simple henna look might be for you. This is a gorgeous way to shot off your artwork without it looking over the top.

3. Leg Henna

If you're wanting something safe for work, a beautiful design on your upper leg could be for you. Easily hidden under work wear but ready to show off for the weekend, this Henna design is different and beautiful.

4. Different Shades Henna

Experimenting with different darkness will create a truly special look. It might be more difficult to create, but it certainly pays off.

5. Back Henna

For something a bit different, a back design is definitely a head turner. Although your back skin is thinner than your hands and feet, the design may not last as long.


6. Feet Henna

Summer time usually leaves us with exposed feet a lot of the time, so why not jazz your toes up with some pretty henna designs. 

And here is some tips on doing your own!

Henna can be incredibly easy once you get a hang of it, but you do need to make sure you apply it safely.

You can make your own Henna using Henna powder or leaves, oil and lemon juice. Once you've mixed everything together, leave it for 24 hours.

The actual dye will seperate from the rest of the solution. Remove the dye and add extra lemon juice to make it easier to work with. You'll need to put this dye into a Henna cone so it's ready to apply.

If you don't have a Henna cone, you can use a ziplock bag with a cut at the bottom - similar to icing a cake.

You can then start applying. Make sure your skin is freshly washed and totally clean. Henna will stain feet and hands better as your skin is thicker.

Once your design has semi-dried, you can spray with a finishing gel. If you don't have a finishing gel you can substitute with hairspray. Wrap up your design and leave overnight. Once you wrap it, apply some coconut oil or olive oil to seal it all in. Wash off the excess dried henna softly, and apply more oil. Voila - you're done! 

Have you ever had a henna tattoo before?

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