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6 Easy Makeup Tips To Simplify Your Life!

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Applying your entire face five minutes before you need to rush out to work can be difficult - especially when you're still half asleep. Try these six easy makeup tips next time you're downing your morning coffee while trying to blend and your morning routine will be a lot easier to wake up to. 

If you're looking for a natural dewy finish, try mixing a tiny amount of your regular moisturiser with  your foundation before applying. This will result in a beautiful soft look that will make you look more awake without giving you the dreaded cake face. Use a buffing brush to apply to give you the perfect air-brushed finish.

Ever picked out the perfect shade of eyeshadow, only to apply it and be disappointed that the colour hasn't translated too well on your skin? A lot of neutral shades can disappear on your eyelids which can become frustrating. Instead of reapplying and wasting time and product, try using a white base. You can pick up a relatively inexpensive white based eye crayon to apply first. Blend this in and then apply your eyeshadow like normal. The colour will look as vibrant as it does in the pan. You could also try using an eyeshadow primer, which will also help with the longevity of your eyeshadow.

When applying lipstick, things can sometimes get messy. The last thing you want is to apply an entire face of makeup and have your pretty red lipstick bleed outside of your lips. This can destroy a lot of hard work! To prevent your lipstick bleeding, the easiest thing to do is to line your lips. Now don't think of the overlined lips you remember from the 80's - instead of applying a singular line, try blending the lip liner over your lips for a more natural look. This will also help your lipstick cling to your lips for a longer lasting look. Alternatively, you can use a clear lip liner to create an invisible barrier to keep your lipstick in place.

Struggling to curl your lashes? If you're already using an eyelash curler but it doesn't seem to be doing much help, then don't dismay, there is hope. A heated eyelash curler is an efficient curler. The easiest way to heat up your good old regular eyelash curler is to whip out your hairdryer and hold your curler up close to it for a few seconds. Be very careful not to leave it too long, you don't want to burn your eyelashes off! Of course, if you want an even more efficient curler then you could pick yourself up an automatic heated eyelash curler. 

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If you want your makeup to last all day, make sure to use a setting spray. After applying your regular pressed powder, give yourself a spritz with a good quality setting spray. This will help your skin to retain moisture as well as keeping your makeup set in place for the day. It also helps prevent your makeup from fading off or being rubbed off too easily. Make sure to take your setting spray with you and give yourself an extra spritz throughout the day as needed. 

Sometimes, especially during the warmer months, you may find yourself looking more oily than you would have liked. It happens to the best of us and it's an every day battle for those of us who are naturally oily. Blotting paper will become your best friend. Using blotting paper when you find yourself getting a little oily will help keep your makeup under control. The blotting paper will soak up all the excess oil and voila - you'll be looking fresh again. Packs of blotting paper are a handbag must-have!

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