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5 Essential Things Every Beauty Room needs!

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If you're a beauty lover, then you will most likely have your own beauty room - or at least your own beauty station. To have the absolute perfect beauty room - make sure you have these five essentials.

1. Illuminated Makeup Mirror

For the perfect makeup application, you definitely need to get yourself an illuminated makeup mirror. This is a mirror with lights surrounding it, which will give you an even source of light. This means it will be easier for you to apply your makeup evenly without the use of natural light. Plus it looks absolutely gorgeous when turned on.

2. Acrylic Organisers

To keep your cosmetics in an organised fashion, make sure you have a sturdy acrylic organiser. There are lots of different sizes and types you can get, so depending on your makeup collection there is one to suit everyone. Order Acrylic storage here!


3. Brush Holders

Much like your cosmetic organiser, you'll also need a place to keep your brushes safe and sound. It's best to keep them within arms reach. This will help keep your brushes clean and by keeping them upright, will help keep them looking nicer for longer. This will also protect them from falling from your desk.  Order Brush holders here 

4. Storage

If you're a bit of a beauty hoarder, it can be difficult to keep your cosmetics neat and tidy. Make sure your beauty room has ample storage to keep everything hidden away, or at least looking nice if it's on display. If you don't have a lot of drawer space, you could try some other ideas such as pretty baskets or boxes that can be purchased from thrift stores, or even adding floating shelves to your room so that your cosmetics can be on display. There are lots of different ideas online depending on your room size. 

5. A signature candle & Flowers

To keep your makeup room smelling amazing and inviting, make sure you have a signature candle. This is something you can light when you're spending time doing your makeup or organising your cosmetics and will help create a warm and delightful atmosphere. There's nothing worse than a stuffy beauty room - we'd much rather a room that smells of lemongrass or salted caramel, thank you. 

Keep your beauty room looking gorgeous with flowers like these roses which you can order here!

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