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3 Beauty Bloggers Show You Their Beauty Rooms On YouTube - Prepare To Be Amazed!

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Want to know how to change a tyre? YouTube. Want to watch someone decorate a cake to look like a giant jar of Vegemite? YouTube. Want to waste hours of your day watching cats do funny things when you really should be doing something more productive? YouTube. 

YouTube has become our go-to source for information and entertainment. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web, with only Google recording more searches every month. With YouTube being the place you can learn literally anything, it has also given rise to a new kind of celebrity: the beauty blogger. 

Beauty bloggers and vloggers, some of which can boast an audience in the millions, offer a variety of videos on their channels. Everything from makeup tutorials, new product launches, reviews, shopping hauls, and the most enviable video of all: the beauty room tour or makeup collection.

The biggest beauty bloggers on YouTube post content regularly, some even post every day, so to ensure they always have new content, they inevitably own a lot of products. Sometimes brands send things to review and sometimes they purchase items to feature, especially if there is a lot of buzz around a new release. No matter how the products end up in their hands, they need somewhere to store it all. 

Make up room tours are the stuff fantasies are made of. Most people can only dream of having so much makeup that a whole room is required to store it all. As one of the most requested videos that subscribers ask beauty bloggers for, it’s obvious that we all love having a peek behind the camera and seeing all the wonders that lurk in the cupboards and drawers. Here are three makeup room tours that made us swoon!

Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo) is New Zealand’s most recognisable beauty blogger with over 2.8 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel. She has done collaborations with Colour Pop and BH Cosmetics, and even has her own line of makeup brushes and false eyelashes.  

Shannon starts out by saying that she knows makeup room tours get a lot of hate, which is sad because she is incredibly down to earth.  Her enviable collection is housed in a stunning custom shelving system and cleverly organised by category. Shannon also shows us her perfume collection which she has displayed to showcase the pretty bottles, rather than hiding them away in a drawer.

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Jaclyn Hill is an American makeup artist with over 3.7 million people subscribing to her channel. She has recently achieved cult status by partnering with Becca to release a range of highlighters and palettes, including the to-die-for Champagne Pop highlighter, which sold out in record breaking time. 

Jaclyn’s makeup station is straight from a Hollywood film set, with lights surrounding her mirror, pots of brushes, and drawers filled with goodies. She also shows us her filming area, and her bright and airy work space, which is enough to inspire anyone to sit down and get creative.

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 Michelle Crossan (BeautyLifeMichelle) is an Irish born beauty blogger who now lives in Sydney, and is nearing 150K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Michelle tells us that she lives in a small apartment, so her set up is great inspiration for those of us who have smaller spaces to work with. 

Like so many other beauty bloggers, Michelle uses storage pieces from Ikea including a Malm desk, a set of Alex drawers, and a shelving unit. She finishes up the video by showing us her most prized makeup item, a palette signed by François Nars! 


Even though most of us know we will never have as much makeup as a beauty blogger, or that it would be impossible to use all of it up in a lifetime, there is still something magical about seeing an amazing beauty room, with all the pretty makeup perfectly organised. We may not all have the same amount of makeup as these popular beauty bloggers have but we can store our makeup the same way.

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