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20 Perfect Beauty Gifts For Your BFF!

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The holiday season can be overwhelming when you think about the many people that you need to purchase gifts for. Some people are harder to shop for than others, but we have compiled a list of 21 perfect beauty gifts to get your BFF! 

1. Homemade sugar scrub bars- These are sort of like bars of soap, but more lavish for your skin. You can find great recipes online and even make this a fun activity you do with family members as well. These bars will deep clean her pores and make her feel beautiful!

 2. To go manicure kit- There is nothing like having a to-go manicure kit to throw in your purse. There is nothing worse than needing clippers, a nail file, or something to maintain your nails in case of an emergency. Get your friend a to go manicure kit, and they will love you for ever. 

 3. Girls Day- Celebrate the holidays with a girls day. Take your BFF out for a spa day and show her how much you care, all while making new memories together. From a manicure to a facial, she will really appreciate any fun day you plan for her. Meanwhile, she gets to look and feel more beautiful than she did yesterday. 

 4.  DIY shimmer body butter- You can find multiple recipes for this on Pinterest, but this is an easy thing to create that your friend will use daily until it is gone. Then she will want more! 

 5.  Self care basket- Everyone can benefit from a self care basket, and your BFF will really love you for this one. From face masks to bath salts to new PJ's, your friend will really love new ways to pamper herself!

 6. Perfume- All women, and many men, love to smell good. Get your BFF some new perfume or body mist and keep her smelling even more beautiful! 

 7. Hair care basket- From hair ties to bobby pins to dry shampoo, your BFF will adore a basket full of hair necessities.

 8. Travel kit- If your BFF likes to travel or is always on the go, a travel kit could be perfect for her. Including makeup, first aid, and hygiene items, your BFF will love a kit for emergencies. Keep her beautiful no matter where she is!

 9. Lip bundle- From chapstick to lipstick to various glosses, your friend will love that you thought about the necessities and the fun stuff this year. 

 10. A shaving kit- This can be a mixture of store bought items and homemade shave cream, or all store bought. The appreciation your friend will have will be out of this world. Many girls needs to shave and hate having to buy the stuff to do so.

 11. Coconut oil- This is a smaller item, more along the lines of a stocking stuffer. You could even take the plunge to getting a larger container. However, coconut oil is great for removing makeup, revitalizing skin, and has many other beauty benefits. Your BFF will love that you helped her have a healthier body in a natural way.

 12.  Travel makeup case- Put together a gorgeous travel makeup case for your BFF. From concealer to mascara, she will be glad you saved her in her emergent moments. 

 13.  Makeup brushes- Some of our favorite brands include Morphe and MAC, but you can also get more affordable brushes such as ELF. 

 14. Makeup Storage which you can purchase here!

 15. Lotion gift set- You not only can buy various items to go in this set, but you can also make DIY lotion bars as well. Recipes can be found online and you can find adorable ideas to make well put together gift baskets. 

 16. Nail color kit- A kit full of the hottest colors will keep your friend busy for months after the holidays! 

  17. Ombre blush- Ombre blush is one of the newest beauty trends and is sure to make your friend fall in love. She will love taking part in a new trend and being beautiful while doing so.

 18.  Compact mirror- This is something that every girl needs, and even if your friend already has one, every girl could use a new more fashionable one.Take a step up and have it monogrammed for her too!

 19. Nail polish remover pads- For that BFF in your life who is always on the go and never has time to stop for a manicure, she will be happy to remove her polish while she stands in line at the grocery store.

 20. Beauty Blenders- This is one of the hottest products in the beauty industry right now, and every girl who loves makeup needs one. 

 21. Self tanner- If your BFF loves to be tan and you dislike the tanning bed idea, get her a self tanner that she can do it home to get that beauty warm glow!

 We hope you enjoyed this list of 21 gift ideas for your BFF. This holiday season, have fun shopping and above all else, cherish the memories that you make! 

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