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18 Gorgeous Braids For A Perfect Night Out!

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Gone are the days where braids where just for school girls, in fact clients are now requesting their stylist to braid their hair more than ever. What is perfect about a braid and the reason why so many ladies (and men, yep even men are wearing braids) love them is the fact that they can be worn across a lot of different looks and styles. From Boho and romantic to edgy and sleek, you can pretty much wear a braid for any occasion. We have put together 18 of our favourite braid looks that would be perfect for a night out.

1.Double Braided Ponytail

If you like wearing your hair in a ponytail or want to pretty it up for a night out, this braid from Missy Sue is perfect for you. It combines a waterfall braid and a French braid which makes for a very pretty ponytail.

2. Wound Up Braided Updo

This updo from Bangstyle  starts with a braid on the side, which is then braided across the nape of the neck and twisted into a wound up bun.

3. Upside Down French Braid Messy Bun

This braid is from Makeup Wearables  is great for something a little different, and looks so pretty from the back.

    4. Cross My Heart Braid

      This quick and easy braid from Barefoot Blonde starts with a braid on each side, which are then secured together, with an extra section of hair pulled from each side to create a heart shape. It can then be finished with an optional fishtail braid or left as is.


        5. The High Braided Crown

          This crown braid by Hair Romance is basically a Dutch braid plaited around the head in a big circle. Pull the sides of the braid to give make the braid look thicker, then pin the end inside the braid to complete the crown.

            6. Holiday Party Hair

              This messy braided bun from Kassinka is so much easier than it looks. Start by dividing your hair into 5 low ponytails, then plait each, alternating between fishtail and three strand braids. Pull the sides of each braid to make them look appear thicker, then pin each braid into a messy bun using bobby pins.

                7. Double Lace Braid High Bun

                  High buns are perfect for nights out. This style by Missy Sue features a lace headband style braid on one side, with a second lace braid on the other. The braids and remaining hair are then pulled up top knot.

                  8. Dutch Side Braid

                  Add volume to your hair with this voluminous Dutch braid from Cosmopolitan which is basically an inverted French braid, giving the braid a 3D look.

                    9. Sideswept Dutch Braid

                      This braid by Missy Sue is a great way to wear your hair down while also keeping it off your face, perfect for any occasion.

                        10. The Half-up Lace Rose

                          Half-up hair styles don’t get any prettier than this. This braided hairstyle by Design Everyday is created by braiding a section of hair on each side in a lace braid, with the ends of the braid twisted into a rose.

                            11. Fishtail Merged Crown Braid

                              This elegant crown braid by Makeup Wearables is much easier than it looks and can be done in only 5 minutes.

                                12. The Double Dutch Braid Bun

                                  Low buns always look great no matter what the occasion, just like the double Dutch braid bun by Barefoot Blonde.

                                  13. Pretty Half-Up Braid

                                  This half-up braid from Kassinka is great for something a little different but still pretty at the same time.

                                    14. Holiday Updo

                                      This holiday updo from Twist me pretty is another elegant braid that is way easier than it looks, taking only 10 minutes from start to finish.

                                        15. Knotty Braided Bun

                                          This cute hairstyle from Lulus consists of only two braids and a double knot.

                                            16. Twisting Braid

                                              This twisting braid from Hair Romance might take a little practice, but it’s well worth the effort.

                                              17. Double Braided Buns

                                              These double braided buns from Nina Starck are super cute for s girls night out.

                                              18. Dutch Braid Faux Hawk

                                              The Confessions Of  A Hair Stylist sure knows how to put the edge into brainding, creating this super cool Braid faux hawk.

                                              What is your favourite braid to wear?


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