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13 Beauty Bloggers You Should Be following On Instagram Today!

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Its no secret that if you want hair or beauty inspiration you head straight for Instagram. Whether its a smokey eye you are looking for or a full blown Halloween look, you are bound to find it. We have put together our top 13 Beauty bloggers that rock at what they do!

1. Casey Holmes- Casey is an energetic southern makeup artist from the heart of Georgia. She specializes in in finding products that are low cost and high quality. Casey often compares high end products to drug stores and tries to find “dupes” that people can afford. Casey loves to create smokey eyes with neutral colors and is a very friendly YouTuber.

2. Nikki Tutorials- Nikki does beautiful makeup tutorials that are friendly towards girls that need to learn more about contouring and highlighting to shape the face. Nikki is most talented in her contouring skill and is also incredibly talented at creating gorgeous eye looks.

3. Nicole Gerreiro- Nicole is a makeup artist from the sunny state of Florida who works in creating flawless looks that can last in the heat. She does tutorials for many looks, and does many out of the box looks. Nicole is incredibly talented with unique looks, such as Halloween looks, but also does a great simple makeup tutorial as well. 

4. Manny MUA- Manny is a male makeup artist who does flawless makeup on himself. He aims his makeup tutorials towards men, but with his bubble personality and incredible makeup talent, many women watch him as well. Manny is most talented at eye makeup and creating stunning looks for any occasion.

5. Patrick Star- Patrick is also a male makeup artist, and specializes in covering facial hair and having a flawless complexion. He is incredibly talented and well known in the makeup world and is highly recommended across the board. 

6. Carli Bibel- Carli is a well known makeup artist who is mostly skilled in the art of creating simple everyday makeup. While Carli is good at creating looks for a night out, she is  mostly talented at creating simple neutral looks. By browsing her YouTube channel, you can find a makeup look for everyday of the week. 

7. Patricia Bright- Patricia is an African American makeup artist who is talented at creating looks on darker skin tones, such as her own. She creates gorgeous looks for the African American community and is well known for her simplistic approach to makeup. 

8. Jaclyn Hill- Jaclyn has one of the most “real” personalities on YouTube. She is most known for her beauty knowledge as she has been a makeup artist for years. Jaclyn not only can help teach you to create a beautiful look, but can also teach you why you use certain products. 

9. Bethany Mota- Bethany is an incredibly popular makeup artist who is most known for being a typical “college girl”, which is incredibly popular in the makeup world. Her simple looks that can be done on a daily basis for school and work, are both popular and classy. 

10. Zoella- Zoella is another incredibly simple “school girl” style makeup artist. Her style is incredibly simple and easy to achieve, which is why her following has grown so immensely. Her quirky personality has been a hit across the YouTube platform and she has grown rapidly since starting her channel .

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11. Sammi (beauty crush)- Sammi is most known for her adorable accent and ability to create simple looks with little to no makeup. Her perfect complexion helps her with her makeup, however she has an incredible talent to put looks together that look different every time. She is incredibly beautiful and her followers love her charming personality. 

12. Huda Beauty- MUA, Blogger Turned Business Woman and Top Beauty Influencer on Instagram  Hudda LOVES to support other artists and also has her own line of makeup products.

13. Andreas choice- Andrea is a talented makeup artist mostly known for her experimentation with different colors, and her gorgeous hair. She does a great variety of makeup looks and is widely knowledgeable in different makeup techniques

There are many popular makeup artists that are very talented in what they do. They are very different in what they offer and teach, and many of them have a very minimal approach to their techniques. Each makeup artist has their own set of skills, and all of them together make Instagram an inspirational  place. 

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