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10 Makeup Brushes You Need And How To Use Them!

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There are many different makeup brush options out there and there are several different ways to use them. I am going to go over the top 10 makeup brushes that you need and how to use them.

1. Kabuki brush- a kabuki brush is mostly used for foundation. Whether liquid foundation or dry pigment, these brushes are great for blending and buffing powder into the skin. 

2. Tapered eyeshadow brush- A tapered brush is perfect for blending pigments together. When you are putting together a look such as one with dark colors, you will want a brush that can do an extra bit of blending. A tapered brush will blow your mind with its blending capabilities. 

3. Eye liner brush- You can find many great brushes such as the Laura Mercier eye liner brush that can help you apply gel eyeliners. If you struggle with applying your eyeliner with a pencil or stick, gel with an eye liner brush may be the best option for you. 

4. Fan brush- There are many different fan brushes, and luckily this isn’t one that needs to hold a ton of pigment. These brushes are best for applying highlighters to the top of your cheeks, and some people even like it to apply blush as well. Its fan motion works great to disperse the pigment across the cheek in a motion that fits your cheekbone. 

5. Concealer brush- Concealer brushes can be found virtually anywhere, and these are best when purchased high end. The reason for these being high end brushes is because they need to pick up and apply a great deal of pigmentation. Concealer is used to cover up blemishes and color, and so its important that this brush hold the product and applies to the skin well. This can be the key to covering up your acne or red pigment. 

6. Stippling brush- A stippling brush can also be important for blending out things such as foundation. A stippling brush is great for pushing the product into your skin. This works best for women that have acne or blemishes that require concealer, because you use this to press the foundation into your skin. Therefore, you won’t smear the concealer underneath of the foundation. 

7. Sculpting brush- a sculpting brush is perfect when you want to sculpt out and contour your face. When creating fine lines that define your face, you want a brush that can be precise in the areas of your face that need it. 

8. Blending brush- When applying eyeshadows, you will want a brush that can blend the colors together seamlessly. There is nothing worse than having bold harsh lines that don’t blend together well, therefore, having a great blending brush can bring the look together. 

9. Blush brush- Everyone loves to add a little color to the apples of their cheeks, and this is easily done with a blush brush that can spread the pigment over your cheek. These are best when fluffy and large and can blend the color well into your skin.

10. Loose powder brush- A large fluffy brush is best for this, but it is used to place loose powder over your skin. This is usually done after foundation to set the face and hold everything in place. 

There are many different makeup brushes on the market, and they are all different. However, these are the top 10 that you need to have in order to apply flawless makeup to your skin. There are both high end and drugstore versions of each, and they are all very important to have in your collection. 

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